• Denslow font
    This font disappeared from the internet years ago. It was freely available for download, and it seems it was generated by Fontographer in 2002. I am unsure who created it, but as there is a demand for this font, I have placed it here. If you are the owner of this font and want credit or for it to be removed, please contact me. Please note, this font is in TTF format, and may be outdated. Zip file containing the original Windows only TTF file and a converted version for Mac.

  • Oz Text Adventures
    A collection of seven text adventure games made with the Computer Novel Construction Set by Hayden Software. The file will place the game files wherever you want on your computer. These run in DOS. If you want to try these, or cannot run DOS programs, you can play them online here.


The following downloads are for games that were released commercially for defunct systems. They are all out of print and most are hard to find. Legally, before downloading, you must own a commercial copy of the game. I take no responsibility for anyone who does not own a commercial copy downloading these.


Commodore 64

The emulator CCS64 is recommended to run these games under Windows.


  • The Wizard of Oz
    A 1985 text adventure by Spinakker Software, under their Windham Classics line. The game combines the first two Oz books and features a guest appearance by Tik-Tok. Includes manual and solution.

  • Return to Oz
    A game by U.S. Gold, presumably from 1985, based on the cult classic Disney film. Includes solution and instructions.


ZX Spectrum

The emulator EmuZWin is recommended to run these in Windows.

  • The Wizard of Oz
    A 1996 text adventure by Jack Lockerby. File includes solution.

  • Wizard of Land Oz
    A 1996 graphic adventure, in Russian. Includes a video playthrough that runs in emulators.

Super NES

SNES9X is recommended to play this in Windows.

  • The Wizard of Oz
    An infamously difficult game based on the MGM film. Includes a walkthrough and SPC soundtrack.