About Dorothy & Ozma Productions and Jared Davis

Are you affiliated with the International Wizard of Oz Club?

Not in an online capacity. I am a member of the Club, but all of my Oz projects, whether or not they involve other Club members, are not endorsed by the Club or any other organization. I do write reviews for the Baum Bugle sometimes, and in time, may contribute other articles, but that and what I do on the internet are separate.

Can I get your help with my Oz story?

Probably not. As of this writing, I am working on my own Oz story and have given input to other projects, and don’t want ideas to bleed into each other.

Why won’t you talk to me?

Because I have the option. Some people have expected me to maintain correspondence with them, and frankly, I don’t have the time. Aside from the various Oz projects, I have a job and other things to do that are not Oz-related, so expecting (and in some cases, demanding) a correspondence can come off as rude and inconsiderate. For those who send me e-mail and I have not responded, or failed to continue responding, I apologize. Once again, it is an issue of time.

Can I get a sneak peek at your Oz project? Surely you can do it for me…

Unless I’m collaborrating with you, no. Any “peeks” will be posted on my blog.

Can you send me the contact information of _____?

What I will do is send them a message saying you’d like to connect with them. Then, it is entirely their option to get to you. Depending on who they are and what they’re doing, they may or may not contact you. Requests for contact information for people whose information is easily accessible will be ignored.

How do you make your multimedia?

Practice, collecting material. In the case of my podcasts, I use Skype to make a call and record it with a special recording program.

How do I get so many views?

In my case, it happened after I put myself out where other Oz fans are. Get to your intended audience, let them know you’re there. And be attractive. I started with text-based video games, reviews, online e-texts, and now do blogs, podcasts, and videos. No one is interested in a plain vanilla website with no interesting content. They might look, but they’re not sticking around. (Oh, and having good manners helps.)

How do I make money from Oz?

You are asking the wrong guy. It is true, I make a tiny amount from selling stuff on Zazzle and Amazon, but as it is, keeping the domain for this site and paying for podcast hosting costs me $70 a year, which is normally paid from my own pocket.

$70 a year… Can I help with that?
If you wish. Since I pay those costs through PayPal, you can go ahead and donate a little bit. Please note: a donation is a donation, not an obligation for me to promote you.

Hey, you didn’t mention this, so let me fill you in…

While I like getting Ozzy news, my site, blog, and podcast are not, and has never been, a news source. There are various sites to keep up on Ozzy news, some of which are in the links section. A number of people write me to tell me about things that I haven’t mentioned on my blog. I’m not trying to maintain a news site, so I’m not posting blogs about every bit of news I hear. Of course I’ve done some, but don’t expect me to blog about everything!

Can you announce something for me on your blog?

Maybe. E-mail me with it. Remember that doing so is just a favor and I am under no obligation to pass along announcements.

Do you hate me?

Probably not. Maybe you offended or annoyed me and I decided to sever communications, but hate? No. Just a warning, though, and this isn’t limited to Oz, but a lot of people act up on the internet like they never would in person. The way to avoid people severing communication or ignoring you is to be yourself, be polite, and follow proper netiquette.

Can you do my homework/make a list for me? Please?

No. Too busy.

Can I send you a question?

Yes, but please make sure I haven’t already answered it here. There are also a number of ways to find the information you need, such as using Google.

Do you hate answering questions?

Not really. The FAQ is for questions I get a lot.

Want to meet up?

I have little time to travel. When I go to Oz events, it is mentioned on my blog, so if you’re going, we can meet up then.

How do I contact you?

Check the contact link.

Oz Books

I remember a book by an Oz Author, but what was the title?

If you have this problem, you have a variety of options. You might post a question to a message board (check the links page), or I might be able to help, so e-mail me. There may also be a chance that the book was related to the Oz stories, and all these are listed (and many e-texts are there as well) on our library page.

Who owns the rights to the Oz books?

That depends on which Oz book you are talking about.

Any Oz novel by Baum is in public domain, in fact almost all of his works are.

Due to changing copyright laws, only a handful of Ruth Plumly Thompson’s books are in public domain, and the rights to the ones still under copyright are held by the Baum Trust.

John R. Neill’s family has kept his books under copyright.

Jack Snow’s books are in public domain.

The works of Rachel Cosgrove Payes and the McGraws are still under copyright to the authors or their respective estates.

Any later non-Famous Forty Oz books are usually copyrighted by the author, or their estates, or the publisher. The exact contents of a specfic edition of a public domain work may be copyrighted by the publisher. (There has been confusion over this, leading some to believe certain public domain works are still copyrighted.) There are online resources to check copyright statuses.

There is a misleading statement going around that Oz Central holds the rights to all the Oz Books. However, Oz Central is now who you have to go through to get rights or liscenses from the Baum Trust. The Baum Trust also liscenses book-based Oz merchandise and a new series of Oz books, but all you’re really getting from them, unless it’s something from one of Ruth Plumly Thompson’s copyrighted books, is a seal. You don’t really need it, as the other Oz books are in public domain (meaning any information from them, or any part, including excerpts or whole texts and the original illustrations or the original layout, can be used by anyone in any way without permission because there is no one who holds the rights) and they do not own the rights. The Baum Trust is simply an unnecessary authority on approving new Oz items. (E.g. They did not approve this website, but they can’t take legal action against me.)

Oz Movies

What do you think of this rumored or upcoming Oz film?

Rumors might not happen, so I’ve learned not to get my hopes up. As for upcoming films, while I might be interested in press releases and promotional material, I’ll wait until I can see it.
Oz Characters

Whoa! Glinda wasn’t the Good Witch of the North?

There are two reasons this question is asked. In the Oz books, Glinda is the Good Witch of the South, or Glinda the Good, a powerful sorceress. However, in some books, she was accidentally mentioned to live in the north. But the most popular reason for this question is that she is the Good Witch of the North in MGM’s famous film The Wizard of Oz. This at first seems to be just so they wouldn’t have to get another actress, but when you look at the dramatic pacing of the MGM film, it was not the time to introduce another character at the end of the story, and Glinda worked just as well. (Though that whole “she had to learn it for herself” bit seems to be a cheap cop-out!)
Oz Media

Why aren’t your Oz videos listed on your site?

Just now, I have nowhere to host them, and YouTube isn’t exactly reliable, since they need to respect copyright laws.

Can you give me an Oz song/video?

No, unless I own the copyrights to it or it’s public domain. Otherwise, it is illegal.