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The Royal Website of Oz is a presentation by Dorothy and Ozma Productions.


Welcome to our site! We hope you have a good time, but please remember these guidelines.

We have many ways for you to submit content to share with other Oz fans worldwide. These include an image gallery, fan writings, and a forum. In addition, we have a chat box.

Fan writings may cover whatever subject matter you choose, but if you include mature content, please notify readers of this before they read your work. We’re an all ages site. Please attempt to have good spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization in your work as this will help other users enjoy it easily.

Submitted images for the gallery should not include images that may violate copyrights. This includes professional photography (with the exception of permission granted) and screencaps and illustrations from copyrighted materials. We will remove any offending content upon request of the copyright owner.

The following guidelines apply to the forum and chat box:

First, no text speak. By this we mean don’t abbreviate your words simply for the sake of abbreviating. Please write your sentences out in full. Abbreviations like “LOL,” “IMHO,” “BTW,” and “FYI” are allowed, since we all know what those mean.

In addition, please attempt to write clearly. We want to see what you have to say, so please try to make sure we can understand you. We’ll understand if English isn’t your first language or if you’re still mastering it.

Second, be kind to each other. Overly rude and threatening posts will be deleted. (Instances of this occurring in the chat box should be brought to the attention of the administrator or a moderator.) Three occurrences of this for a user may result in suspension or banning, as decided by the severity of the postings. We all have different ideas and opinions and we all want to share them, just please respect that others may feel differently and say so.

Third, be appropriate. Be mindful of language you’re using as this is an all-ages forum and chatbox. Stay on topic in the forums as best as possible. We understand that sometimes conversations get a little sidetracked, but we ask that if a different topic stems from another, please start a new thread.

Fourth, be careful of self-promotion. Oz fans love writing stories, creating artwork or other things, and want to share them with other Oz fans. As such, there is a forum section specifically for this. (Commercial items such as books must be listed as an announcement.) Do not promote your work in other areas. Mentioning your work outside of these sections is allowed as long as it is relevant to the conversation. Violations of this is considered spamming. Multiple violations may result in banning or suspension.

Other forms of spam, are, of course, auto-generated by bots. This is of course not allowed and will be deleted. (Please do not reply to spam. If you note something that has not been taken care of, feel free to contact an administrator or moderator.) Also, repetitious posts with seemingly no point will be counted as spam. Spamming is grounds for banning.

Any questions or issues can be brought to a moderator or the site administrator right away. We will attempt to resolve any issues or answer any questions in a prompt fashion.

We have powerful spam blockers to deal with spam. Unfortunately, we have had issues with this in the past. If you suspect it of incorrectly recognizing your work as spam, please contact a moderator or site administrator and we’ll make sure your work is restored.

Thanks a lot, and have fun here on the Royal Website of Oz!


Oz fans are welcome to e-mail me at scarecrowandtinman2002@yahoo.com

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM): jaredd1986@aol.com
Yahoo! Instant Messenger (YIM): scarecrowandtinman2002@yahoo.com
Google Talk/Jabber/XMPP: youtuber86@gmail.com
Windows Live Messenger/MSN: dorothyandozma@hotmail.com

I mainly use Skype for the podcasts, but if you ever want to that way, e-mail me first to arrange a time and to exchange information.

If I have your contact information, it stays with me. If someone knows I’ve contacted you and asks me for your information, I will let you know they want to connect with you.

If you own a copyright on something that has put on the site and do not wish for it to be there, let me know. In terms of photos, we claim Fair Use, but if you still feel this violates your rights, I will try to work with you so we can still provide information to site visitors without infringing on your rights. Remember that this website is not a commercial venture, and do not intend to use this content in a way that would adversely affect your commercial potential.

On the forum and wiki, the Fair Use clause stands. Again, if anything posted is in violation of your rights, please contact me.