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Welcome to the Royal Website of Oz, dedicated to bringing Oz fans one of the richest multiuser online experiences available on the internet.

At this site, users are encouraged to share their knowledge and love for L. Frank Baum’s creations in all incarnations from the original book series to the classic MGM film to modern interpretations such as Wicked.

Users may post stories, blogs, share images, and converse on our forums and in the chat room. In addition, you can contribute to or research with our informative wiki, read many Oz-related works, and listen to the leading Oz podcast online and read one of the best Oz blogs.


I'm Percy!

Posted on July 08, 13

I’m Percy, the Personality Kid! And yeah, I’m a rat! Doesn’t mean I’m any less of a valuable Oz citizen! Did you hear about...

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Hello! I'm Jinnicky!

Posted on May 06, 12

Hello, I’m the Red Jinn of Ev and I think this looks like a nice website! Not that I’ve seen very many. So many...

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